Volume 30(2021)
1. Rafael Reno S. Cantuba

"A Casimir element inexpressible as a Lie polynomial", 30, 2021, 1-15.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969570

2. T. Breuer, L. Hethelyi, E. Horvath and B. Kulshammer

"The Loewy structure of certain fixpoint algebras, Part II", 30, 2021, 16-65.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969577

3. M. H. Hooshmand

"f-Representatives groups", 30, 2021, 66-77.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969586

4. Huihui Zheng, Yuanyuan Chen and Liangyun Zhang

"The structure theorem of Hom-Hopf bimodules and its applications", 30, 2021, 78-98.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969590

5. Lokendra Paudel and Simplice Tchamna

"Some properties of star operations on ring extensions", 30, 2021, 99-115.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969592

6. Loic Foissy

"Chromatic polynomials and bialgebras of graphs", 30, 2021, 116-167.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969651

7. Luca Amata and Marilena Crupi

"On the extremal Betti numbers of squarefree monomial ideals", 30, 2021, 168-202.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969656

8. Habibollah Ansari-Toroghy and Shokoufeh Habibi

"Domination number in the annihilating-submodule graph of modules over commutative rings", 30, 2021, 203-216.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969902

9. Grigore Calugareanu and Andrey Chekhlov

"Abelian groups with left comorphic endomorphism rings", 30, 2021, 217-230.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969907

10. Ali Shahidikia, Hamid Haj Seyyed Javadi and Ahmad Moussavi

"-Baer *-rings", 30, 2021, 231-242.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969915

11. Mohammad Bagheri and Abdol-Javad Taherizadeh

"C-canonical modules", 30, 2021, 243-259.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969917

12. Mehdi Badie

"A note on saturated multiplicatively closed sets", 30, 2021, 260-268.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969924

13. Mitsuhiro Miyazaki

"On the Gorenstein property of the Ehrhart ring of the stable set polytope of an h-perfect graph", 30, 2021, 269-284.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969935

14. J. M. Garcia, P. Jara and L. M. Merino

"Lattice decomposition of modules", 30, 2021, 285-303.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969940

15. Dandan Zhao and Junchao Wei

"Some new characterizations of partial isometries in rings with involution", 30, 2021, 304-311.
DOI: 10.24330/ieja.969942

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