Volume 35
1. Shabaddin Ebrahimi Atani, Mehdi Khoramdel and Saboura Dolati Pishhesari

"Pseudo-absorbing comultiplication modules over a pullback ring"35, 2024, 1-19. 


2. Fouad Elmouhib, Mohamed Talbi and Abdelmalek Azizi

"On the capitulation problem of some pure metacyclic fields of degree 20 II", 35, 2024, 20-31. 


3. Rafael Reno S. Cantuba
"Lie structure of the Heisenberg-Weyl algebra", 35, 2024, 32-60. 

4. David Ssevviiri

"Applications of reduced and coreduced modules I", 35, 2024, 61-81.

DOI:  10.24330/ieja.1299587

5. Oussama Aymane Es safi, Najib Mahdou and Mohamed Yousif

"Rings with divisibility on ascending chains of ideals", 35, 2024, 82-89.

DOI: 10.24330/ieja.1299720

6. Xiaolei Zhang

"The telescope conjecture for von Neumann regular rings", 35, 2024, 90-94. 

DOI: 10.24330/ieja.1298175

7. M. V. Monica and R. Rajendra

"Algebraic Lie algebra bundles and derivations of Lie algebra bundles", 35, 2024, 95-107.


8. Zhaoting Wei
"Tensor products of infinite dimensional modules in the BGG category of a quantized simple Lie algebra of type ADE", 35, 2024, 108-120.

9. Weicheng Zheng, Liang Cui, Wei Meng and Jiakuan Lu

"On NH-embedded and SS-quasinormal subgroups of finite groups", 35, 2024, 121-129. 

DOI:  10.24330/ieja.1299719

10. Adriana Mejía Castaño

"Extensions of the category of comodules of the Taft algebra"35, 2024, 130-138.


11. G. Manikandan, R. Perumal and P. Madhusoodhanan

"The structure of certain unique classes of seminearrings", 35, 2024, 139-148.


12. Maryam Davoudian
"Dimension of uncountably generated submodules"35, 2024, 149-159. 

13. Çisil Karagüzel and Deniz Yılmaz

"The group of splendid Morita equivalences of principal 2-blocks with dihedral and generalised quaternion defect groups", 35, 2024, 160-167. 


14. Monica La Barbiera and Roya Moghimipor

"Normality of Rees algebras of generalized mixed product ideals", 35, 2024, 168-185.


15. Luca Amata

"Computational methods for t-spread monomial ideals", 35, 2024, 186-216.

DOI: 10.24330/ieja.1402973

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