Early Access
1. David Ssevviiri

"Applications of reduced and coreduced modules I", Published online: 24 May 2023, Doi:  10.24330/ieja.1299587

2. Oussama Aymane Es safi, Najib Mahdou and Mohamed Yousif

"Rings with divisibility on ascending chains of ideals", Published online: 24 May 2023, Doi: 10.24330/ieja.1299720

3. Xiaolei Zhang

"The Telescope Conjecture for von Neumann regular rings", Published online: 24 May 2023, Doi: 10.24330/ieja.1298175

4. Weicheng Zheng, Liang Cui, Wei Meng and Jiakuan Lu

"On NH-embedded and SS-quasinormal subgroups of finite groups", Published online: 24 May 2023, Doi:  10.24330/ieja.1299719

5. Rafael Reno S. Cantuba
"Lie Structure of the Heisenberg-Weyl Algebra", Published online: 14 July 2023, Doi:10.24330/ieja.1326849
6. Zhaoting Wei
"Tensor products of infinite dimensional modules in the BGG category of a quantized simple Lie algebra of type ADE", Published online: 8 September 2023, Doi: 10.24330/ieja.1357059
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